Thursday, 19 May 2011

Outsider Art: Pink Floyd

Above: Four Photographs by Steve Mahony

These four photographs taken from the recent Pink Floyd gig at the O2 Arena by Steve Mahony are really interesting not only because I think he has a natural feel for balancing a composition but what is most intriguing is that Steve has no artistic training what so ever. However I don't believe that he has caught these fascinating moments in time through just sheer luck, there are too many shots aside from these four which are striking. I hope in the future he will consider photography as a means of expression and let me showcase more of his work.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Caves E.P. Cover

Top: Caves- Inner Place E.P. Front Cover Idea
Bottom: Back Cover Idea

Caves is a name I go by for when I make electronic music with some sort of structure. I've been making this type of music for three years now and since then I have co-founded Bassy Bass Productions with the hope of performing live and releasing music through Bassy Bass. These two images are amongst the first ideas i've had for the forthcoming CDR release.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Artwork For a VST Instrument

Above: Background for a virtual sound effect. 2011

Every once in a while I make a virtual instrument/effect using a piece of free software called SonicBirth. Its extremely geeky to use but I have got some great results from it which have helped my musical endeavors to blossom: However this is the first time I decided to make a piece of art for one. The instrument is entitled 'Bit Filter' and it sounds very chaotic hence the jumble of random letters.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Interior Landscape Series

Above: Discard. 2011, Photographic Montage.

This is my latest piece and is the start of a series which explores the relationship between the spaces I inhabit and visit and some of my most inner feelings. These photographic montages are an attempt to understand why I feel a certain sense of catharsis in some spaces instead of others. It is also interesting for me to document these places in a simple, less expressive way with no artistic intervention after actually taking the photos. My usual process is to take many photos and select a handful as starting points. Then I find a surface to work on, often one which resonates something similar to the images and finally I imply what these images could mean by scratching, painting, drawing them etc onto the surface thus binding the images with the surface to give both of them a new resonance and/ or identity. These new identities are extensions of my inner thoughts and my past experiences but this time I want to go straight to core, the initial resonance from the place itself. Ultimately I wish to explore these themes in the form of short films.

You can also find this image on the Worpress blog :THE SIGHTLES SENTINEL which are group of artists (including myself) who are based in London and Hertfordshire. The artwork is extremely varied and makes for interesting viewing as a whole and individually.